At Wicksteed, we take immense pride in fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for children of all abilities. Building on the success of our Universal Range, we are excited to announce the latest addition to this collection, the Inclusive Ramp. This innovative add-on option is designed to provide children with diverse physical abilities an equal opportunity to explore the joy and wonder of play.

Our Universal Range, already celebrated for its easy grip accessories, low and wide platforms, interactive panels, and drag ramp has been raising the bar for inclusive play. However, we recognised that some children faced barriers in accessing certain play elements, limiting their experience with the equipment. Responding to this challenge, our incredible design team diligently developed the Inclusive Ramp, a thoughtful and practical solution.

The Inclusive Ramp offers a gentle slope, allowing children with mobility challenges to effortlessly navigate the play structure. Its sturdy design ensures safety while promoting self-confidence and independence among less able-bodied children. By providing an accessible route, the ramp enables inclusive play, fostering camaraderie and understanding among all children on the playground.

At Wicksteed, we understand the importance of customisation, and that’s why the Inclusive Ramp is offered as an additional add-on, giving our customers the flexibility to tailor their playgrounds to the unique needs of their communities. This approach aligns with our commitment to creating play spaces that inspire creativity, cooperation, and boundless exploration for all children.

With the introduction of the Inclusive Ramp, Wicksteed takes a leap forward in promoting inclusive play. We are thrilled to enhance the Universal Range, ensuring that children of all abilities can revel in the magic of playtime together. By embracing the Inclusive Ramp, communities can champion diversity, accessibility, and the limitless potential of every child, ultimately fostering a world where every child can thrive.

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