Forget flat and conventional playgrounds! RTC Safety Surfaces Ltd defied expectations at Cedars Park in Waltham Cross, conquering a landscaping dilemma for Wicksteed and transforming a historical mound into a vibrant, safe play space.







A Storied Mound Gets a Modern Makeover:

Opened in 2013 as part of a regeneration project, the Venusberg mound sparks curiosity about the park’s past. Named after the Roman goddess of love, its original purpose remains unknown, but today, it serves as a place for children to explore and climb.  This connection to the park’s history, dating back to the 16th century, is what makes the Venusberg mound so special. The mound bridges the gap between past and present, and RTC was brought in to honour that legacy.







A Challenge Met:

The challenge was to transform the mound into a vibrant, safe play space with our wet pour safety surfacing. This wasn’t your average installation.  The steep, sloped mound had stumped other surfacing companies, deeming it an impossible feat. But our creative techniques tamed the terrain, creating a playscape unlike any other.

This project wasn’t just about laying down wet pour; it was about pushing the limits of what’s achievable. We’ve transformed a daunting obstacle into a visually stunning and functional playground feature.

The final result showcases a vibrant green wet pour surface adorned with an eggshell spiral pathway, seamlessly integrated into the existing landscape.


A Testament to Dedication and Skill:

We are incredibly proud of our team for their dedication and skill in making this project a success. This not only showcases our expertise in wet pour installations but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and finding solutions, regardless of the complexity.

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