Proludic’s four expertise webinars exemplify our steadfast dedication to incorporating inclusivity into the design, reimagining bespoke play, ensuring timely and budget-friendly delivery of play in the housing sector, and advocating for fun fitness through our innovative ACTI’FUN concept. With over 35 years of experience, Proludic has remained committed to creating community-based play and sports areas that offer more than just amusement for children, providing deeper benefits aligned with our ethos.

In these webinars, Proludic delves deeply into the significance of inclusivity in design, stressing the necessity for play spaces that accommodate children of all abilities and diversity. Through illuminating content and practical illustrations, attendees can acquire a profound comprehension of crafting inclusive play areas that are both accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Furthermore, Proludic explores the concept of bespoke play, accentuating the merits of tailored designs over standardised ones in this dedicated webinar. By presenting UK and global examples from Proludic’s portfolio and disseminating expert perspectives, participants will take away insights on crafting play experiences that are genuinely personalised and truly unforgettable.

Moreover, Proludic’s third webinar delves into the distinctive challenges and prospects of delivering play in the housing sector. Through the examination of case studies and the discussion of best practices, professionals in the housing industry obtain valuable insights into optimising play areas within residential developments, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life for residents as well as an important place for children to play.

Finally, Proludic introduces its ACTI’FUN concept in its final webinar, a groundbreaking concept for fitness and activity that supports enjoyable experiences across the three ranges of equipment. Through captivating anecdotes and practical demonstrations, participants uncover how ACTI’FUN fosters active lifestyles and ultimately cultivates vibrant, healthy communities.

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