The API understands that choosing a play space provider can be an intricate process that requires a lot of research.  Membership of the API denotes expertise and professionalism which means we can help you find a company that is trusted, reputable, experienced and has the customer’s best interests at heart.

Download our Customer Benefits PDF to learn why you should choose an API member.

Top Tips for Finding a Quality Play Provider 

Quality in Play

Confirm your play supplier is part of a recognised play-body. All API member companies adhere to a Professional Code of Conduct to ensure a benchmark of service in play practice and design.

Ask for Evidence

A credible play supplier should be able to provide a portfolio of previous work. API members will provide you with references and case studies of play projects highlighting their competence and commitment to quality.

Play Value

The API Charter encourages members to design fun and challenging play spaces with elements of built-in risk. This drive for innovation ensures API members are always at the forefront of new thinking in play value, inclusivity, safety, diversity, educational value and landscaping.

Identifying an API Member

If your play supplier displays the API logo, ask to see their annual certificate of membership. All API members should be able to produce this proof of membership on request. Check our website for an up-to-date list of all our current members or call us to double check on 024 7641 4999 ext. 208.

Financial Security

Ensure you have carried out a credit check on your potential play supplier and explored their trading history. Do this before creating a shortlist as ratings change over time. Upon joining the API, all members undergo credit checks to ensure they are financially sound and can be relied upon to see a project through from start to finish.

Consult with the Community

If as part of your brief you require consultation with stakeholders, ensure your play supplier has the resources and knowledge of play to carry out a full consultation with all stakeholders involved in the play space project. For schools, this would include pupils, parents and members of staff. For local authorities, this should include children and the wider community in order to create a play space which children will want to use and enjoy.

Commitment to Standards

Check if your play supplier has “third party certificates” which demonstrate their compliance with BSEN 1176 safety standards. API members are dedicated to maintaining and promoting these standards.

Actively Manage Risk

Your play supplier should recognise the importance and significance of risk in play and be able to advise you on the relevant health and safety Standards. Arrange for a Post-installation Report – inspections can highlight possible flaws or incorrectly fitted play equipment before a child uses the play space helping to avoid accidents or injuries. The API recommends using an independent ‘annual inspector’ certified by the Register of Play Inspectors International.

Technical Mediation Service

The API offers a FREE technical mediation service to our member companies’ clients, dedicated to resolving any technical disputes.  This is open to all clients who buy from API members and to API member companies.

Download Top Tips for Finding a Quality Play Provider PDF