The API welcomes applications from UK manufacturers, designers, installers and distributors of indoor and outdoor play equipment and safety surfacing which meet the current application process for membership.


API membership consists of five sections:

  •  Outdoor Play Equipment Manufacturers, Designers, Installers and Distributors
  •  Indoor Play Equipment Manufactures, Designers, Installers and Distributors
  •  Surfacing Manufacturers, Designers, Installers and Distributors
  •  Constructors, Installers of play equipment and surfacing
  • Associate Membership


Benefits of membership include:

  • Professional Code of Conduct
    In achieving membership of the Association, all members have to meet the required standards for operational proficiency and integrity plus demonstrate they possess the relevant commercial acumen required by the Association. read more


  • Raising Standards
    Working together through the various steering groups and committees, members separate themselves from commercial interests for the good of the industry, customers and suppliers. Representation from the API on various British Standards (BSI) committees ensures that the membership continues to improve the standards and quality of play facilities.


  • Information and Networking
    API provides its members with regular email updates, ensuring that members are kept up-to-date with the wider industry, Government policy, news, Standard updates and any regulations which may affect the industry.


  • Statistical Data: Members receive a monthly statisical report which includes: UK Market Size, UK Market Growth Export Market Size, Export Market Growth, Total Market Size, Total Market Growth, Company- specific data and Company-specific performance.


  • Meetings: Members have the opportunity of networking at meetings arranged by the API throughout the year, including the Annual General Meeting and Dinner  in April and the General Members’ Meeting in October.


  • Promoting Members
    Along with many cost-saving benefits, API members benefit from exposure to the marketplace through various tools and activities, including:

    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Exhibitions

A dedicated full-time secretariat reports to the API’s Independent Chairman and Executive Committee. The Executive comprises representatives from different member companies, and consists of a Vice Chair and eight Officers. All are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Working Groups and Steering committees are formulated from the membership as necessary. See Who’s Who

The API is works within the Federation of Sports and Play Associations umbrella. The FSPA is a non-profit seeking organisation and has a long history of servicing the sports and play industries.


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