40 Years of Play

Founded in 1984

The Association of Play Industries (API) is thrilled to mark its fortieth anniversary this year, a significant milestone in their commitment to promoting children’s play across the UK. As the lead trade association for the play industry, the API has been dedicated to supporting its members since their establishment in 1984.

“Throughout the decades, the API has been an advocate for our members, advancing best practices and campaigning for the provision of high-quality play facilities for all children.

“Playgrounds remain the most popular setting for outdoor play in the UK. They have a crucial role in children’s lives and lie at the heart of communities. For many children, public play spaces represent their only opportunity to play outside; they are especially important for those 1 in 8 households without gardens and for those in the most deprived areas.

“In this landmark year, we are thrilled to announce a series of exciting campaigns aimed at further promoting children’s public play spaces and play in schools. With passion and dedication, the API looks forward to continuing our vital work in shaping a brighter future for generations of children to come.”

Dr Amanda Gummer, API Chair

AGM Primary Sponsor

40 Years of Campaigns

Celebrating 40 years of play