• Posted on Oct 30, 2018
  • BLOG

The call for a Minister dedicated to the welfare of children and young people is gathering pace. The petition has now gone live to the general public and I would urge each and every one of you to sign it and show your support.

Why do we need a Minister for Children? Our children are becoming increasingly inactive, overweight and unhappy, creating an entire generation who, for the first time, will have a life-expectancy which is shorter than the previous generation.

We all know that children need to move more and for many this will mean learning the joy and value of playing outdoors. They are becoming more and more dependent on their screens for entertainment and substituting screen time for real life activity and interactions.

Children’s needs have to be prioritised and a Minister appointed to coordinate the effort. They are being failed on so many levels – their physical and mental health is at risk not just now but into adulthood too.

Children today are facing unique challenges and it is incumbent on us to ensure they are adequately supported to face those challenges. We need urgent investment in playground provision so that playgrounds once again form the heart of communities and children can go out and play safely and locally.

You can sign the petition here and please share and urge others to do so too.  The situation is now so serious that without a Minister for Children & Young People we risk letting an entire generation down.  It’s a simple ask – and one that could have far-reaching consequences in improving lives.


Mark Hardy, API Chairman