What if we told you that two out of three members of the UK public feel that keeping children entertained through a good play space, should be a part of every visitor attraction’s offering!

As an Operations Manager of a chain of pubs or the Owner of a holiday resort park can you afford to ignore this?

Proludic is a manufacturer and installer of playground equipment, outdoor gym facilities and sports areas across the UK. As a leading supplier to the leisure sector it is crucial that we understand what influences the family’s decision making when it comes to choosing where they spend their leisure time. We commissioned some primary research to get to the heart of the UK public perception when it comes to the provision of play in the leisure sector.
The results were so revealing they even surprised us!

When planning your on-site facilities, understanding what families want is vital, whether your business is a holiday destination, pub, restaurant or visitor attraction.

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This document is designed to help inform leisure sector decision makers about the opportunities that could exist by embracing play solutions.

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