Today is PlayDay, the national day for play and the API has released a short video to celebrate. Public playgrounds are the number one place that children play outdoors (away from the home) and they’re free to all!  At the centre of communities across the UK, playgrounds have a vital role in the lives of children and families and yet, due to under-funding, they are disappearing at an alarming rate.

It’s often the most deprived communities that are hardest hit by playground closures – children from the 1 in 8 UK households without a garden are left with nowhere to play. We can’t let this happen so we are urging Westminster to invest in a national network of playgrounds before it’s too late.

Please share this video on your social media and let people know how important playgrounds are.  Use the hashtags #PlayDay2021, #SummerOfPlay and #PlayMustStay:


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