Wicksteed, a leading UK-based playground manufacturing company renowned for its commitment to innovation and safety, announces a significant milestone in its production capabilities. In June of this year, the company made a strategic investment in a new CNC Press Brake, revolutionising its manufacturing process.

With a strong legacy in designing and creating exceptional playgrounds, Wicksteed continues to prioritise excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The recent acquisition of the CNC Press Brake represents a major leap forward for the company, enabling enhanced production efficiency and precision.

Replacing the previous Pearson Hydraulic Press Brake, which had been instrumental since 1978, the new CNC Press Brake represents a significant upgrade. This computerised machine supersedes the manual operation of its predecessor, ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity for Wicksteed.

“I am immensely proud of Wicksteed and our longstanding heritage of manufacturing playground equipment in Kettering for over a century. The investment in the CNC Press Brake truly showcases our unwavering commitment to UK manufacturing. This new technology not only offers greater flexibility but also seamlessly integrates with our time-honoured handmade methods. It represents a significant milestone for Wicksteed as we continue to innovate and deliver exceptional play solutions to communities across the country.” Katherine Perkins, Managing Director at Wicksteed Leisure

The introduction of the CNC Press Brake streamlines Wicksteed’s production process, resulting in heightened precision and improved manufacturing speed for playground equipment. This advanced technology offers greater flexibility, shorter turnaround times, and enhanced quality control measures, ensuring Wicksteed remains at the forefront of the industry.

The investment not only showcases Wicksteed’s dedication to innovation but also highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional playground solutions that promote safe and engaging play experiences for children of all ages.

For more information about Wicksteed and their commitment to innovation, please visit www.wicksteed.co.uk or contact [email protected].