Famed for wooden play products, Timberplay also offer a range of concrete play pieces, all designed to capitalise on the strength and tactile nature of the material.

The Stroking Stones have been a popular mainstay of the Timberplay collection for many years, and these have been joined by several other products, most recently the Concrete Rope Course. These products have been collected together within one mini brochure, which is available as a pdf on request.

The Concrete Rope Course is sure to be a popular addition to the Timberplay range. It is the ideal product for busy play areas it can accommodate many children at any one time. The design presents many different challenges, so will appeal most to older children.

Concrete is a supremely flexible substance. It can be produced in infinite shapes and colours, can also be ground, waxed, polished, painted or glazed. This means concrete delivers many different tactile experiences and the patina also changes and develops over time. It is, therefore, an excellent material for play and dovetails well within the existing Timberplay range.

Timberplay are the UK partner of German play specialists Richter Spielgeräte who have a reputation as one of the World’s best playground companies. Working alongside Richter, Timberplay have also begun delivering projects in challenging territories, for example the Middle East, Qatar and Egypt. With extreme temperatures to contend with, many developers and Landscape Architects have reservations about specifying wood, so concrete products are likely to be of great interest.

Vincent Hallam, Managing Director at Timberplay comments on the Concrete Collection:-

“Historically Timberplay have always been very strong advocates for wooden play equipment, to the extent that this approach is embodied within our name. This is still true, but alongside this we also recognise that concrete can sit very comfortably within the Timberplay and Richter portfolio, and is particularly useful in areas or climates where using wood might be problematic.”

One of the most popular products within this range is the irresistible stroking stones, which bring great personality and character to a play space. These play sculptures are available in many different colour finishes and different animal shapes; bear and cat being two of the most popular. Timberplay also offer a number of different waterplay elements produced in concrete, for example round water basins and reservoirs. Playful seating solutions, as well as sensory products are also within this new dedicated Concrete Collection.

To request your copy of this Concrete Mini Brochure please email [email protected], or call 0114 282 3474.