How much fun can you pack into an indoor play area just 7.5-metres long and 1 metre deep? Leaps and bounds of fun, if you’re Playscheme!

We created the Leaping Platforms Play Centre at Nailsworth Garden Centre in Gloucestershire to include loads of smart interactive sensor features.

Light, sound and sight are key elements of this bespoke indoor playground, and we worked alongside Sound Leisure on features that help children aged two to 12 explore their senses through their imagination and creativity.

Star of the show is a large interactive Perspex® light and sound “waterfall”, complete with sounds that simulate falling water. Children can touch a hand-shaped sensor to activate water-inspired LED lighting and change the water sound from a trickle to a torrent. A further touch pad activates sound and light within an infinity mirror – an experience that’s both captivating and fun!

As well as the “waterfall”, hidden triggers activate a light and music show in the top of the play area’s strong steel frame. Other sensors around the 3-metre high frame set off a whole range of silly noises that will make kids laugh.

The play area has several ladders to allow even the smallest children to easily move between levels. From fixed points in the play area, they can activate one of the ball drops. Simply drop a ball and listen to the sounds as it moves within levels. There are three different ball drops and sounds to try out!

We certainly haven’t skipped on other smart sensor playground features either. A periscope lets children see and talk to each other between the play area’s eight platforms. There’s also a clear Perspex® floor over a 2.5-metre drop to the ground, so kids can feel like they’re on top of the world!

With scramble nets, ladders, viewing bubbles and artificial grass, there’s plenty of other equipment packed into this small indoor play area. A safety net and two access points gives families and friends the reassurance that children can enjoy the garden centre’s indoor play area safely.

Our brief for the Nailsworth Garden Centre, owned by the Blue Diamond Group, was simple: to keep families coming back to the garden centre again and again by creating a fully contained indoor play area with impact!

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