Playforce, the UK’s leading playground company, has launched a new sensory range designed for EYFS and KS1, as well and older pupils who would benefit from sensory play.

With a range of sensory panels for fencing, shelters, woodland towers, plus new wooden signs for ‘quiet area’, ‘barefoot trail’ and sensory tunnel, Playforce’s new Sensory Range offers a wide range of opportunities for all children that would benefit from sensory play.

Product Designer, Ben Pearce, from Playforce said: “Our new Sensory Range is perfect for creating a sensory zone in your playground. You can combine it with planting areas, or simply add panels on to your existing Playforce equipment.”

As well as offering nine different individual panels (available both with and without fence posts) Playforce has included a number of combination schemes in this new product launch. These include Woodland Towers for both Early Years and Primary aged children, combination areas with whiteboards, chalkboards and musical panels, stages and shelters. There are also three wall-mounted panels and a sensory Tipi.

Sensory elements include chalkboards, mirrors, coloured mirrors, play lawn, all weather, coloured windows, finger mazes and chalk boards, as well as the natural wooden frames and posts.

Product Designer, Ben Pearce continued: “For too long sensory play has been seen as an exclusively SEN topic. While there is no denying the benefits for children with special educational needs the benefits are clear for all children. We wanted to develop a range that would present opportunities for all ages and abilities, together. Whether installed onto fencing, shelters/outdoor classrooms, woodland towers, staging areas or combined with our musical panels, our new Sensory Range is a simple but extremely flexible and effective way to engage your pupil’s senses.”

The full range and options can be seen here: