Playdale Playgrounds’ Managing Director, Barry Leahey MBE has been named in the ‘World Beaters’ category of the LDC’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders list, supported by The Telegraph newspaper.

The ‘World Beaters’ category features business people who have taken their businesses into new and untested international markets which takes courage and perseverance (particularly in unsettled times). Barry is featured alongside a diverse group of fellow ambitious and dynamic business leaders.

Barry, who lives in Samlesbury, Lancashire is the 43-year old MD of Playdale Playgrounds. He’s taken six-hundred flights in the last eight years to broaden Playdale’s original UK-only focus and look to the international market. Equipment designed and built by the company is now featured in more than 20,000 play areas across 49 countries. Approximately half of all equipment manufactured in their factories in Haverthwaite and Ulverston is shipped overseas. Turnover has tripled under his leadership, and Barry has the ambition to turn the firm into the global market leader.

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