Playgrounds play such an important part in everyone’s life; it’s even more evident now as all public play areas and schools are closed. We take for granted the simple freedom of being able to walk to our local play area or go outside and have fun!

School playgrounds are a vital resource for children as they grow up, Albert Einstein once said that ‘play is the highest form of research’. We think its essential that children continue to play during this challenging time.


Here are 6 key benefits of play

  • Active Play – helps children improve coordination, balance and fundamental movement skills. Active play promotes better eating and sleeping habits, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits that children take on into adulthood.
  • Emotional Development – whilst playing, children learn to cope with emotions like fear, anger and aggression within a situation they can control whilst practicing empathy and understanding. Play gives children and emotional outlet.
  • Social Interaction – Playing with others helps children negotiate group dynamics, collaborate, compromise, deal with other’s feelings and share.
  • Cognitive Development – Children learn to think, read, remember, reason and pay attention through play. Play improves behaviour in the classroom and encourages learning.
  • Creative Play – Not just our company name! By allowing imaginations to run wild during play, children create new worlds and form unique ideas and solutions to challenges.
  • Improved Communication – Play let’s children exchange thoughts, information and messages through speech, writing or actions.


What other activity benefits our healthy well-being and development so effectively!

During the Covid-19 challenge that we are all currently facing, schools are being asked to look after the children of key workers as well as supporting children who are staying home with home learning resources. We think that the schools, teachers and pupils are doing this amazingly and we wanted to support you in any way we can and to say………




This resource pack is full of activities, linked with creating a playground, that can be completed by those teachers and children still attending school. Complete the activities and submit them back to us to be in with a chance of winning a new playground worth more than £10,000!

All the information you need is included within the pack, good luck and most importantly – have fun!


‘Play turns out to be so stunningly essential to childhood, it’s like love, sunshine and broccoli all juiced together’                                         

(Lenore Skenazy, President of Let Grow



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