eibe has installed some quite splendid play areas in Yorkshire over the years, including the one at Dalby Forest, an award-winning park in Pickering, where the stand-out feature is eibe’s Old Wise Tree Unit.


That same piece of equipment can now be seen at Burton Agnes Hall, an Elizabethan stately home that has stayed within the same family for centuries. Built around the turn of the 16th Century, fifteen generations have filled the hallowed Hall near Hull. It was the author of ‘England’s Thousand Best Houses’, Simon Jenkins, that hailed Burton Agnes as ‘the perfect English house’, placing it alongside the likes of Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Chatsworth House in an illustrious list of treasured estates.


Working on such a prestigious project was a joy for the eibe team. A detailed creative plan was necessary to fit the specified equipment into the designated space and it took all of design director, David Hibberd’s ingenuity to conceive the perfect playspace. Talks began in earnest throughout 2017, with the £128,000 scheme finally coming to fruition in the spring of 2019. It was a pleasure working on the project with the owners Simon and Olivia Cunliffe-Lister and Estate Manager, Anna Tindull.


Set amid stunning scenery, the new playground features not only the Old Wise Tree, but our Ivo Explorer Island, a Ranjo Toddler’s Play House, as well as a series of Swings, Slides, Spring Rockers and a dynamic Cableway.


David says that including a range of products that would cater for toddlers through to teens was a design imperative, “Burton Agnes attracts multigeneration families, so it was essential that we supplied the right mix of products. The end result offers a predominantly robinia wooden playspace that children of all ages will enjoy for many years. It contains fun climbing and exploring equipment, as well as units encouraging motion, movement and motor skills.”


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