No Macbeth, no Hamlet, but plenty of Midsummer Night Dreams at the delightful Shakespeare Infants in Hampshire this year, as the school upgraded its playground, courtesy of eibe Play.

With a broad based curriculum, the Eastleigh school focusses on six key learning values: thinking, independence, creativity, spirituality, collaboration and emotional intelligence. Each one is represented with a puppet which helps the children to develop those learning values throughout their junior school journey.

With the right play provision essential to their integral ethos, eibe worked with Head Teacher, Jane Skinner, to install some new equipment, maximising the space and featuring some fabulous wooden equipment, all upgrades from our the original scheme in 2001. Key products include new Balance Beam, Dinghy Play Boat, replacement eibini bench slats and a Mayan Chair.

At a cost of just £4,000 the refurbish will certainly prove a wise investment for Shakespeare School, with products that are built to last and come with long-life warranties. Thankfully, despite a few issues with the hard ground due to the extremely hot summer, we managed to avoid a potential Comedy of Errors; in fact in the end, it was Much Ado about Nothing. OK, I’ll stop now. Especially, As You Like It so much. Oops.

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