eibe Play has always been proud of its all-inclusive play products. Equipment that can be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of age and ability, is an integral part of our broad portfolio.

With a clever and meaningful acronym as their educational ethos, the Henry Tyndale School in Farnborough caters for around 150 special students with an array of learning difficulties. PUPIL stands for Personalisation: United: Preparing: Independence: Learning; and the community school offers a unique educative experience from ages 2-19.

Situated across two separate sites, eibe was delighted to work at the Early Years Centre in Mayfield Road recently, helping to install a bespoke inclusive play unit for all the children to enjoy this summer.

Working in conjunction with Head Teacher, Mehal Shah, and following some communal fundraising activities to support the cause, the eibe team’s £14,000 specially adapted product for wheelchair users comes complete with interactive play panels and a slide. 

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