South Cumbrian Playground Manufacturing Company, Playdale Playgrounds President, Barry Leahey MBE made a compelling appearance on the Nigel Farage show last night, discussing the exceptional achievements of the Playground Manufacturing company since the implementation of Brexit. Leahey’s insights shed light on Playdale’s remarkable growth and highlighted the importance of adaptability and determination in the face of change.

In the captivating interview, which aired on Monday on GB News, August 14th, Leahey emphasised how Playdale Playgrounds had adapted to change since Brexit. He proudly stated, “Our adaptability to change and agility as a business greatly facilitated the transition. Skills training played a pivotal role in this process, enabling us to navigate the challenges effectively. The driving forces behind our international export success since Brexit have been our strategic approach and unwavering hard work.”

Playdale Playgrounds, an SME manufacturing company based in Cumbria, has garnered praise for its admirable agility in adapting to change. Despite the challenges posed by Brexit, the company has thrived by maintaining a positive mindset and embracing new opportunities with enthusiasm.

Barry Leahey’s appearance on national television served as a testament to Playdale Playgrounds’ unwavering commitment to success and its ability to navigate through uncertain times. By showcasing the company’s achievements, he aimed to inspire other SMEs and entrepreneurs to embrace change as an opportunity for growth.

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