24 January 2020

Leyla Preston: Winter Campaign with API Play #PlayMustStay

#PlayMustStay is back!

I’m once again joining forces with the API to launch a new winter campaign to highlight the need to get children outdoors and playing in their local parks and playgrounds over the cold winter months

We parents are becoming increasingly concerned with the steep decline in our public parks and playgrounds and this is having a huge knock-on effect on our kids’ mental health and wellbeing. And, as it’s winter, there is more chance of hibernating indoors and opting to go on screens instead.


03 February 2020

Leyla Preston: Why kids should have access to outdoor play facilities all year round

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and studies show how excessive screen time causes mental health disorders in Children and Young People. Many studies also prove that outdoor play can counteract these problems through exercise, vitamin D and socialising – all at your local park/playground!

The problem is, the government has already closed down 347 of these parks and playgrounds, and plan to decrease their spend by 44% – that’s £25 million per year by 2021!


05 February 2020

Leyla Preston: Let’s get kids off the screens and outdoors this winter.

Me and Ayla headed off on a very cold 25-minute walk to our Wednesday morning Teeny Tots class. There was mist in the air, limited visibility and a sliver of sun, but it was one of the nicest walks so far in 2020 thanks to the beautiful #weather and the scenic walk.

It would have been very easy to take the car and drive, but why, when you can witness such wonderful nature around you and your baby gets that good dose of VitaminD. Most importantly, they get the chance to learn about the world around them as well!


06 March 2020

Leyla Preston: Let’s get kids off the screens and outdoors this winter.

This video is to urge you to sign the petition and learn more about why it’s so important that the government increase their spend and stop closing our beautiful parks and playgrounds down! Otherwise, we’ll find that there will be a huge pandemic of children’s obesity, mental health issues and sleep problems!

Petition: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-our-local-parks-and-playgrounds-from-closing-down-playmuststay
Full Article: http://bit.ly/PlayMustStayWinterTale


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