The Association of Play Industries has drawn up a new charter that re-states its aims and beliefs relating to children’s play and wellbeing. It emphasises the API’s continuing promotion of good industry standards and inclusive design.

The charter highlights the API’s goals of working more closely with other stakeholders in play, such as the Children’s Play Safety Forum.

API Charter

  • The API believes that all children have a fundamental right to play.
  • The API encourages children to play in a variety of environments to get the most out of play.
  • The API will develop partnerships with other key stakeholders within play.
  • API members will design and deliver challenging and exciting play areas with a degree of built-in risk.
  • The API promotes the many health benefits of active play, including physical exercise and social skills.
  • The API is committed to ensuring play remains on the political agenda.
  • The API and its members offer information on funding streams and can guide communities and schools from design and consultation to completed play projects.
  • The API believes in listening to children so they are consulted on the spaces they play in.
  • The API will maintain and raise the standards of our members through support, education and training.
  • The API is committed to high levels of safety and quality throughout the industry.