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Through a combination of hard work, great products and a mantra of service, service and service, PlaySmart has become recognised as the provider of choice for safety surfacing for numerous councils, landscapers and play equipment manufacturers across the UK. Our partnership approach has enabled us to develop a reputation for integrity and expertise.

Despite being based in Birmingham, we will supply and install safety surfacing for a wide range of uses throughout the whole of the UK. We are passionate about creating the best possible play experience for all through surfacing designed to minimise risks of injury to children who fall from play equipment.

We are best known for establishing the fire-retardant grass matting market in the UK. When we started out in 2003, fire safety in playgrounds wasn’t seen as a priority and most people hadn’t even heard of grass matting, nevertheless, we launched FireSmart and haven’t looked back since. We are also the specialists in making creative landscapes a reality by installing surfacing on mounds and embankments in places where others would walk away.

In 2012 we introduced our exclusive rubber mulch product, JungleMulch, which offers a durable, natural finish with long lasting colour from organic pigments. With our unrivalled installation capability, we deliver a great job every time but the main reason why most customers specify PlaySmart time and time again is our genuine commitment to going the extra mile.

As the market continues to expand and grow, our services have too and our surfacing range is now wider than ever. As well as FireSmart and EcoSmart grass matting we offer our patented shockpad, SmartPlay, this increases the safety and absorbency of grass mat products. We also offer artificial grass options and RubbaSmart wet pour.

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