The Association of Play Industries (API) is the lead trade body in the play sector; it represents the interests of manufacturers, installers, designers and distributors of both outdoor and indoor play equipment and safer surfacing.  The API promotes best practice and high quality play provision within the play industry.  

Our aims and objectives are

  • To promote good play space design, installation and workmanship within the industry
  • To promote an understanding of play and risk
  • To maintain and assist the development of British, European and other Standards for play
  • To liaise closely with governing bodies of play, nationally and internationally
  • To ensure members comply with standards and good practice
  • To provide a united voice for the play industry

Working together through the various steering groups and committees, members separate themselves from commercial interests for the good of the industry, customer and suppliers.

The API campaigns at the highest levels for policy recognition of the value of play.  Play delivers a raft of wide-ranging benefits to children’s development, health and well-being and every child has a fundamental right to play.  The API believes that provision of high-quality play facilities has a vital role to play in tackling the nation’s physical inactivity epidemic and as well as addressing wider societal problems like exclusion and anti-social behaviour. 

Our Origins

Founded in 1984 the API originally covered outdoor play equipment and surfacing manufacturers. It has expanded to incorporate indoor play and companies specialising in construction and installation. An Associate section was introduced in 2005. The API is run by its members who form the various committees and are experts in specific aspects of their industry. The API is one of 14 trade associations with the Federation of Sports and Play Associations (FSPA) umbrella. The FSPA has was formed in 1919, formally incorporated in 1926 and has a long history of serving the industry and providing secretariat services. The API currently represents approx. 85% of the annual UK market demand of over £166m (2014).

Professional Bodies

The API are founder members of Federation of European Play Industries (FEPI). 
FEPI represents the interests of European manufacturers and distributors of both outdoor and indoor play equipment and also safety surfacing. They aim to raise awareness of the importance of children’s play for the wellbeing of children at a European level and to provide its members with information on European regulations. 
To represent the interests of the European Play Industry with other international organisations.

The API are founder members of the Register of Play Inspectors International Ltd (RPII)
and continue to hold a position on their Board of Directors.  RPII is the official UK body for examining, accrediting and certificating inflatable, indoor and outdoor play inspectors. The RPII also accredits courses for the training of inspectors to ensure that playground safety standards are met and adhered to for your complete peace of mind.