• Posted on Jun 15, 2021
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Job Title: Service Manager – Playgrounds and Outdoor Fitness

Reference: AJ0755

Company: Kompan UK

Based in: England-wide role, based in Milton Keynes area  

Contact name: Martin Ellis

Contact email: [email protected]

The Role:
KOMPAN designs and installs outdoor playground and fitness equipment all over the UK. The industry standards recommend that equipment needs to be inspected on a regular cycle to ensure it works perfectly and is safe to use. The results are reported electronically, and an essential part of the business model is that repairs and upgrades are recommended and quoted quickly.

It’s your job to lead the field service team of 4 (and growing) and the internal support team of 4, and where there is no alternative, you’ll use subcontractors when you need extra resource. Using your experience, you will ensure the field Engineers achieve the Companies financial targets and exceed Customers expectation.  This will require efficient planning and routing and seizing every opportunity to add value and drive growth.  Key measures will include GM, Inspection units per Day, Spare parts sales and wherever possible upselling the fitting of those parts.

You will provide support to the Sales team covering technical issues, commercial aspects of tenders and service delivery programmes. The role requires strong commercial acumen and a sound understanding of revenue generation, cost control and GM.   Customers demand that the highest levels of site safety are practiced, and you will be responsible for policies, procedures RAMS for site working.

The company has grown significantly in recent years, and the service element has become a key market differentiator, so you will be busy! Your team will grow in time and there’s always something to be done. You’re very mobile and lead from the front doing whatever is necessary to drive profitable growth and outstanding service.

The Candidate:
You’re a strong leader and an experienced manager of field-based engineers and the supporting back office team. You are a quick learner who will be able to immerse him/ herself into the details of the Industry and be able to add value quickly.   You are technically and Commercially strong and can provide support to the sales team in terms of service delivery and tender support.  You will be well versed in current EHS best practice and be able to produce RAMS when required.   A strong team player who is driven to succeed and has the ability and charisma to impart that ethos into the team.

This is an England (excluding Wales) wide role working from the company headquarters in Milton Keynes, so a reasonable travel time to the HQ is preferable. You will need to travel widely, and there will be nights away, but with a little planning, it should be no more than 2 or 3 nights a month.

Interview Process:
Martin Ellis at Recruitment South East will perform screening and initial interviews before candidates are selected for interview by the company.

Martin Ellis 07823 887982 [email protected]