Warner Bros cartoon characters

Imagine a make-believe world brought to life in your local parks and playgrounds which are populated by some of world's best loved cartoon characters and superheroes. BATMAN, SUPERMAN, LOONEY TUNES and a whole host of other exciting and long-established children's favourites could now have a very real presence in your local play areas to encourage stimulating activity for children across the UK. The appeal of these well known characters will be a draw for both children, who aspire to be them, and parents who have fond childhood memories of them. Watch the numbers of children actively wanting to play specifically in your parks grow as they are transformed into playtime destinations for families. This is now possible as a result of a prestigious collaboration between Park Leisure Ltd and global entertainment company Warner Bros.®

Paul Bufton – General Manager Consumer Products Warner Bros.® UK
"I am extremely pleased to announce that Warner Bros.Consumer Products has partnered with Park Leisure Ltd in the UK to deliver new and exciting character-based play and sports schemes for children of all ages to enjoy. We strongly believe in providing opportunities for children that encourage educational and physical development and know that Park Leisure Ltd share this integrity.

By joining forces we can promote active play that will stimulate the imagination and enjoyment whilst also boosting fitness levels amongst children. The new branded zones will help to bring communities together as they enjoy the facilities and we are proud to be part of this exciting new venture."

The Expert Opinion

Dr Amanda GummerDr Amanda Gummer
PhD, PCHE, BA Hons
Expert Child Psychologist

The exciting sports and play zones using familiar, iconic characters will engage children promoting their creativity, enhancing essential social skills such as communication, negotiation and teamwork. This enhances mental health, elevates fitness levels and contributes towards overall well-being. Families meeting in parks are crucial to forming healthy communities. Play areas such as these will bring families together.

DC Super Friends

DC Super FriendsCharacter-driven play has been proven to contribute to children's creativity and development especially when they are inspired to use their vast imaginations by their surroundings. Now bring play areas to life with iconic super-heroes such as Batman & Robin, Batgirl, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and many more! Tackle imagined adventures with famous villains such as The Joker, The Riddler and Lex Luther. Super-heroes form an integral part of any childhood with the themes and character traits featuring heavily in the national curriculum; particularly to determine right from wrong and aid with traditional subjects such as mathematics and literacy.

Looney Tunes Active TrailLooney Tunes Active Trail

Encouraging children to get fit from a very early age and getting children to perceive outdoor activity as fun without the pressure of formal sports, which can be intimidating to some, can be achieved by enjoying physical activity. How better to accomplish this than by doing it alongside the timeless Looney Tunes characters that adults and children have grown up with such as Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.


All New D-ZINE Panels to Revolutionise Play

All New D-ZINE Panels to Revolutionise Play

All this to coincide with the launch of the new D-Zine panels! Now you can provide an array of possibilities for play and interaction at all levels limited only by the imagination. Envisage having the confidence of a vandal proof product knowing that graffiti will never be a problem again. This new innovation, which has a patent pending, allows high quality graphics of any kind, including Looney Tunes and DC Super Friends, to be incorporated in to all play ranges creating a world of design potentials. QR codes can also be used to provide ultimate interaction and challenges with limitless possibilities and opportunities. Bring your local park or school play area to life with links to local information, promotions, fundraisers, sponsorship, urban designs, history etc. With both printed steel and polycarbonate options there is now an extremely durable solution that really will catapult children's play and activity into the 21st Century and provide a truly bespoke solution for your play and sports facilities. Click here to download factsheet

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Date: 01 February 2013