Planning a play project
Schools play a vial role in encouraging children to be active.  Many are investing in improving their outdoor facilities to provide better opportunities for active play and learning, sport, PE and physical activity. 

By choosing an API member company, you can be sure your school will be working with a reputable, financially stable and experienced play partner who understands the education world. 

Here are 10 points to consider when planning improvements to your outdoor facilities [download



Why it pays to have great outdoor facilities
If you thought the best classrooms have four walls and a roof, think again. Getting children out of their chairs, away from the classroom and into the fresh air can bring a host of benefits. Children look at the world with fresh eyes when they’re outdoors. You don’t need to travel far – stepping out into your school grounds can open up a world of exciting new learning experiences. Why not take the roof off your children’s learning today?


Here are 5 great reasons to get your school’s outdoor facilities in shape [download]


Telltale signs your playground and outdoor facilities need updating
In the busy rush of everyday school life, it can be difficult for your staff, facilities management or senior management team to find a minute to assess whether you're getting the most from your playground and outdoor facilities.  Look carefully and you'll find some sure signs that it might be time to make some improvements

Here are out top 5 telltale signs that your playground and outdoor facilities need updating [download]



How to get what you really need from a new play area

Looking to improve your playground or outdoor facilities? Need help or advice from a reputable, highly professional company?

There are two important steps to getting the play and outdoor facilities you want.... [download]




Maintenance and Inspection
School playgrounds and outdoor learning areas feel the impact of thousands of pairs of feet every year.  Wear and tear to play equipment and surfacing is inevitable. 

Keep your play and outdoor equipment safe by avoiding these 3 common mistakes [download




Aftercare and Maintenance Guide Synthetic Surface - Wetpour
It is important to maintain your synthetic surface. Adopting routine maintenance will help safeguard its performance and preserve its appearance.

Regular maintenance will also ensure the terms of your guarantee can be met.  Here are few points to consider [download]