A Playful and Sculptural Space
 Russell Play was asked by Bellway Homes to create a  playground for a brand new housing development they had  built in Streatham. Bellway wanted to create a recreational  space for the new development that could be used by  residents of all ages. This area was to be both a playground  for children but at the same time a pleasant green space for  adults to sit and relax and residents to look out on to.

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East King Street, Scotland
Jupiter Play has been working with  Persimmon Homes West Scotland on a number of housing projects. This development in Helensburgh in Argyll and Bute, Scotland is home to families of all ages and the play area has to provide a quality community meeting and play space.

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New Development in East Lothian
A play area is one very important consideration in the planning of any new housing development. This is especially so when the development is likely to be desirable to families. These three housing developments in East Lothian are an example of how the play areas have added an element of cohesion to enhance the communities that live there.

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Multi-use games area, Fullwood Gardens Housing Estate, Holytown
Putting a MUGA into a residential area such as Fullwood Gardens in a time where street play space is dwindling is beneficial to all residents. The enclosed ball court with goal ends, basketball hoops and a line painted surface provides a ball game space away from the cars and greenhouses of homeowners.

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