Types/Categories of Business which may apply
API Associates will be drawn from those businesses which are involved with the play industry providing services to full API Members and/or their clients, user groups of play equipment together with safety and advisory organisations which have a play focus.

All/any business which provides product(s) within the play industry may not apply for the category API Associate; they must apply to be a full member. Products include all tangible components or parts of a play area.

Criteria or requirements for membership

  • Require two full members as sponsors
  • Provide - audited accounts for a minimum 12 month period.
  • Two financial references.
  • Three quality references two of whom must be API members.
  • Details of third party accreditation, e.g. ISO 9000 (if relevant)
  • Subscribe to the API Professional Code of Conduct.

Rights of API Associates

  • Enabled to use the API Associate - logo, which incorporates the reference both to the API and  Associates.
  • Attend Meetings
     - AGM – API Associates can attend but cannot vote
     - General Meetings – API Associates - can attend and speak but cannot vote
     - Section Meetings – API Associates - will be notified of all section meetings. If they wish to  attend, a request must be made to the Section Chairman at least 10 working days prior to the  meeting. The Chairman has total authority to approve or decline attendance in order to avoid  any conflict.
  • Details of each API Associate will be placed on the Associations’ website.
  • API Associates will have the right to view annual accounts and industry statistics.

Application to be an API Associate
An administration fee of £100 is payable for processing applications.

Annual Subscription
The annual fee for Associate membership is £690 per annum (2015)
A pro-rata fee is payable depending upon the month of acceptance with the subscription year ending 31/12/xx

API Associates
The Association may determine in the General meeting the rights of API Associates - including:

  • use of API Associate logo
  • voting
  • attendance of meetings
  • provision of information
  • associate criteria
  • annual subscriptions & entrance fee

Application Documents