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An Introduction to Sutcliffe Play…

Sutcliffe Play is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of children’s play equipment, with headquarters in Upton, West Yorkshire. They are also the only employee owned play company in the UK.

The company is proud of its West Yorkshire heritage and has been providing employment opportunities in Wakefield for many years. Sutcliffe Play is as dedicated today to enriching people’s lives as engineer Richard Sutcliffe was four generations ago when he focused his energies on improving the safety, welfare and efficiency of the mining industry.

The company is also committed to promoting inclusive play as an integral part of the community, enabling children of all ages and from all walks of life to benefit from active recreation.

Sutcliffe play equipment is designed to encourage children to be creative. A carefully balanced element of risk and challenge is inherent in Sutcliffe Play’s approach to play spaces, providing youngsters with varying degrees of challenge and stimulation.

Advocates of truly inclusive play, the company uses innovative design to enable children to play together and to explore the limits of their capabilities, without realising it! That’s why inclusive features are carefully and subtly designed into most Sutcliffe Play equipment, without compromising on levels of risk or challenge.

Sutcliffe Play’s depth of knowledge and understanding is a result of working with, and listening to, leaders in the fields of play, disability, risk and design. The company may be a world leader in its field, but it recognises the need to listen to others as it strives to create new and exciting play opportunities for all.

The company is renowned for its pioneering approach to play. Its impact-reducing rubber swing seats and safety flooring systems are used throughout the world, complemented by recent, innovate product launches such as the Mission & Orchard Ranges, which provide children with progressive challenges without rules or boundaries.

In addition to the UK, Sutcliffe Play is seeing sales growth throughout Europe and in the Far East and the US.

Chairman, Robin Sutcliffe is passionate about play. In today’s increasingly ‘politically correct’ world, he is refreshingly forthright about the many controversial issues surrounding play. A founder member of the Association of Play Industries and current Chair of Yorkshire Play, representing play and play work in Yorkshire, Robin represents the play industry at regional, national and international level.

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