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We love children!! That is why we take great care to design and build children’s playgrounds and outdoor school playground equipment of a challenging, stimulating and adventurous nature, while conforming to all the required safety standards.

We work comfortably with architects, playgrounds, schools and local authorities when they are planning play areas with an educative motive or purely just for fun!

We stock a very wide range of outdoor school playground equipment, suitable for all types of children’s playgrounds, including:

Climbing frames
Tower systems
Sports equipment
and much more…

As you browse this site you are given the opportunity to build up a 'Wish List' of play environments and outdoor school playground equipment that interest you then you can simply email the list to us for pricing, unless you want something tailor-made to your needs of course.

Although based in York, UK, we can supply outdoor school playground equipment and accessories for children’s playgrounds to the whole of the UK.

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