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Huck Nets Ltd is the rope technology specialist and competent partner for individual solutions. Our products are based on more than 30 years experience in the production of climbing nets and guarantee enjoyment and a long useful life.
With our diverse rope play equipment, we are able to design extremely varied adventure landscapes, Including climbing pyramids, group swings and original birds nests, as well as Jungle bridges and climbing nets in all shapes and sizes. Play units can be customised individually with rope ladders, ropes, tyres and numerous other accessories.
Huck also offers a design and installation service in house and does not sub-contract, giving the client one port of call for all enquiries hassle free. All products and installation meet Huck's proven standard of quality which comply with European safety regulations and TUV stipulations.
In addition to our extensive range of standard equipment, we also create customer specific play worlds. Whether you want aerial nature trails, individual indoor and outdoor play facilities or net tunnel landscapes in a zoo or indoor swimming pool - We include you in the thinking processand offer you a bespoke service.
Customers worldwide trust us, and Huck has become known for its expertise and competent service. Whether in Europe, North America or the Middle East - We offer Huck quality. We have confidence in our products therfore provide a 5 year guarantee on all materials.

HUCK - We turn your ideas into reality !

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