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GL Jones Playgrounds Ltd – The complete design, manufacturing and installation service for over 30 years.

Our skilled and dedicated workforce design and manufacture all of our products in-house using the latest CAD systems and materials of the highest quality. The experience and creativity of our design team means that units are easily revised and adapted to suit individual needs. If required, we are prepared to produce a completely unique piece of equipment, striving for perfection until you are completely satisfied with the service. All units can be professionally assembled and fitted on-site by our expert installers.

We are immensely proud of our flagship AbilityRange which has been designed with the less able bodied person in mind.

The introduction of the award winning D009 AbilityWhirl to playgrounds across the UK and abroad has allowed countless wheelchair bound children to experience the thrill and excitement of the roundabout alongside their able bodied friends. This roundabout is fitted flush at ground level, allowing easy access for up to two wheelchairs or prams at once. Mothers can sit or stand with the children on the ride. If space or money is limited a smaller version is available, the AbilitySpace Whirl which is packed with all the features of the AbilityWhirl except for the loss one wheelchair station.

Another innovative product available from our AbilityRange is the AbilitySwing. A swing designed for wheelchair users, it has recently been modified for use in an open play area with the integration of the widely used RADAR system into the design. As well as being available as a stand alone swing, it has been designed as a unit that can be part of a much larger swing configuration allowing the buyer to decided if they want the AbilitySwing by itself or accompanied by flat seats, cradle seats, full support seats etc. In fact any and all the seats that we offer in our range can be used alongside the AbilitySwing!

We have become market leaders winning numerous awards for excellence and technical innovation including the prestigious Independent Living Design Award for “Product Innovation” for our AbilityWhirl. Give us a call or e-mail us and see if we can offer you a playground that fulfills all your expectations.

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