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Ustigate have been instrumental in introducing ‘Aquatic’ playgrounds to the UK resulting in Ustigate Waterplay becoming one of the foremost specialists in this area, having completed in the region of 60 water play facilities to date. We understand Water Play, the design, manufacture and installation that is required to build a high standard Water Play facility, with a particular emphasis on providing safe systems ensuring the utmost in water quality whilst providing the maximum play value for users.

At Ustigate we work hard to develop relationships with clients, designers and main contractors to gain an understanding of the vision and motivation behind a scheme, allowing our engineers and installers to create water play features which reflect the original design intent without compromise or complication.

Ustigate provide the full range of Vortex equipment which includes more than 140 different water play jets and above ground sprays, allowing us to provide a unique design combination perfectly tailored to each project. Interactive polymer nozzles on many play items allow children to close off certain streams and redirect the water pressure elsewhere, making flowers spin faster, jets leap higher and buckets dump quicker.

We have a 25 strong team specialising in all aspects of the build, from designing the hydraulic and control aspects through to the builder’s works and maintenance. Every part of a project is undertaken by our own in house team; we build our own control systems at our factory in Kent and we have our own team of specialists who programme and install our systems, providing our clients with a tailored service that cannot be rivalled in the UK.

When designing a Splashpad or other water play facility a key element for consideration is how the build ability of the system will affect the ongoing maintenance. The ideal system for the operator is one that is simple to maintain with easy access to a well designed plantroom. We offer free comprehensive training before handing over the feature and direct phone access to our trained staff for the ‘hand holding’ that maybe required in the early ‘settling’ down period following completion.

We have our own ‘in house’ maintenance team and can offer a comprehensive maintenance regime tailored to the Client’s needs. This service has been offered since the company’s inception and we now work throughout the UK supporting our Client’s and their staff in maintaining the features we have built in this time.

We offer a free no obligation site survey to assess your needs and guide you through the concept design processes ensuring you get the best Splashpad available.

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