This area will enable you to view API member company profiles giving you information about their company, products and services along with their main contact details. 

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Definitions of membership sections below:

Outdoor Manufacturers: Members who manufacture and/or distribute, design outdoor play equipment and have met the relevant criteria for membership. 

Indoor Manufacturers: Members who manufacture and/or distribute, design and install indoor play equipment and have met the relevant criteria for membership.

Surfaces Manufacturers: Members who manufacture and/or distribute play surfacing and have met the relevant criteria for membership. 

Constructors: Members who construct and install and have met the relevant criteria for membership.

API Associates: Providers of services to the manufacturers, designers, installers and distributors of indoor and outdoor play equipment and play surfacing.

Member company name Membership section
Abacus Playgrounds Ltd Constructors / Surfacing
Admiral Play (TCL Group) Constructors
Angus Firth Design (Valang Limited) Indoor
Barton Grange Landscapes Constructors
Blakedown Landscapes (SE) Ltd Constructors
Broxap Ltd t/a Hand Made Places & Playline Design Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Covanburn Contracts Constructors
CPCL, The Children's Playground Co. Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Dura-Sport Ltd Constructors / Surfacing
E J Services (UK) Ltd Constructors
Educational Play Environments Ltd Outdoor
eibe Play Ltd Outdoor
Fawns Recreational Services Ltd (FRS) Constructors
Fenland Leisure Products Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
GL Jones Playgrounds Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
HAGS SMP Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Hall Rhodes Ltd Associate
Huck Nets (UK) Ltd Outdoor
Husson UK Ltd Outdoor
Image Playgrounds Ltd Outdoor
Inclusive Play (UK) Ltd Outdoor
Jupiter Play & Leisure Ltd Outdoor / Surfacing
Kirton PlayWorks Indoor
Kompan UK Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Landscape Engineering Ltd Constructors
Ludus Leisure Ltd Outdoor / Surfacing
Matta Products (UK) (PHS Ltd) Surfacing
Melcourt Industries Ltd Surfacing
Miracle Design and Play Ltd Outdoor
Newby Leisure Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Notts Sport Surfacing
Nova Sport Ltd Constructors / Surfacing
Pennine Playgrounds Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Play & Leisure Ltd Constructors / Outdoor
Playdale Playgrounds Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Playforce Ltd (TCL Group) Constructors / Outdoor
Playground Services Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Playquest Adventure Play Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Playquip UK Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Playsafety Ltd Associate
Playscheme (SJ Danby Ltd) Constructors / Outdoor
Playsmart UK Ltd Surfacing
Playtop Ltd Surfacing
PPL (Parkdale Play & Leisure) Ltd Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing
Pro-Scape Play Ltd Constructors
Proludic Ltd Outdoor
Public Sector Software Ltd Associate
Ray Parry Playground Services Ltd Constructors / Outdoor
RTC Safety Surfaces Ltd Surfacing
Rubicon Play Ltd Constructors / Outdoor
Russell Play Outdoor / Surfacing
Schoolscapes Ltd Outdoor
Setter Ltd Outdoor
Soft Surfaces Ltd Constructors / Surfacing
South West Play Constructors / Outdoor
Sovereign Design Play Systems Ltd Outdoor
SPI Global Play Ltd Indoor
Sport & Play Design Ltd Indoor
Star Rubber Environmental Ltd Surfacing
Sutcliffe Play (SW) Ltd Outdoor
Sutcliffe Play Ltd Outdoor / Surfacing
Technix Rubber & Plastics Ltd Surfacing
The Play Inspection Company Ltd Associate
The Soft Brick Co Ltd Indoor
Timberplay Ltd t/a The Play Garden Outdoor / Surfacing
Ustigate Waterplay Constructors / Outdoor
Vita Play Limited Constructors / Surfacing
Wicksteed Leisure Ltd t/a Wicksteed Playgrounds Constructors / Outdoor / Surfacing