Sutcliffe Play, a leading designer and manufacturer of children’s playground equipment has launched Aliens, an oversized, loose parts play system that is ideally suited to early years settings.

The colourful kit comprises five pieces of equipment that provide an endless combination of play opportunities, and the flexible nature of Aliens makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

Andy Love at Sutcliffe Play says: “Play is an integral part of child’s physical, emotional and social development and Aliens can play an important role in this as the kit actively encourages children’s imagination and creativity.

“It can also have a really positive impact on social interaction and negotiation skills. Aliens requires collaboration between children to construct their own play setting, before they take it all apart and start over again creating their next play world.”

Aliens features:

  • COG Creates pathways or can be linked to other elements using noodles, ideal for
    using as a building block
  • NOODLES Can be used for connecting and building. Noodles are a complimentary,
    consumable item with every full kit. Further noodles can be purchased as required.
  • ALIEN Unusally shaped pad that can interlinked to allows children to create playful
    pathways, walls or islands.
  • PLUG A compact interconnecting pad that adds height, and can be used on it’s own or
    together with other elements of the kit
  • SPIDER CENTRE A versatile sculptural element that can be used to create shapes, dens or safe havens with the noodles by plugging them into other elements

Andy concludes: “Feedback we’ve had from both children and adults has already been fantastic. They love the ability to create their own, and different, play spaces over and over again. Quite simply, Aliens is out of this world!”

The kit is manufactured from a UV stable, polyurethane coated form and a full kit costs £1995.

To find out more call 01977 653 200 or visit

Date: 02 March 2017